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For some people, the scariest sight imaginable can involve having an IRS revenue officer show up at their door – which is completely understandable. There are many reasons why one of these agents might pop up and visit your home or office, and none of them fall into the “good news category.” So, what do you if this nightmare becomes your reality? What are your options? Do you speak with them? Do you hand over as much financial information as you have on hand? Or do you call your tax accounting firm and request their presence to represent you in discussions with the IRS? The correct response is clearly the last one. It’s always a good idea to have professional help in these situations in the form of revenue officer representation, especially if you have someone else handle your taxes and other financial information for you.

So, let’s discuss this situation and the possible ramifications in some more detail.

Why The IRS Might Send a Revenue Officer Your Way

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